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PA's Computer Science for All Summit 2022

Do you plan to attend June's PA CS for All Summit? Held June 22nd and 23rd, this Summit brings together Computer Science educators and leaders from across the the state to share great ideas and resources with you! Look for us! CSTA Susquehanna Valley Leadership plans to be there and host a lunch and learn table...come visit us to say hello!! 

Participants will:

  • Identify goals and initiatives for CS education in Pennsylvania, set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
  • Explore strategies for recruiting, engaging, and retaining students in CS, especially students in identified underrepresented populations
  • Identify and engage with foundational CS concepts and practices through activities designed for K-12 students
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February Meeting Minutes

At our meeting on February 24th, we discussed future ideas for CSTA Susquehanna Valley as well as the CS Praxis, AP Computer Science A, and Computational Thinking.  
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January Chapter Meeting Minutes 

Posted on Jan 29, 2021
At our first inaugural meeting, we shared a variety of resources and insight regarding the CS Praxis exam and the new PA 7-12 CS Certification requirements.
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First Meeting Date!

Posted by CSTA - Jeffrey Wile on Jan 18, 2021
CSTA Susquehanna Valley is excited to announce that our first member meeting will be on January 28th, at 7:30 pm. 
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A new PA Chapter!

Posted by CSTA-Jeffrey Wile on Jan 02, 2020
Hello, World! (and Central PA).
CSTA Susquehanna Valley is pleased to announce that we may begin as an official chapter of CSTA. We are a group of educators dedicated to the advancement of computer science education in the Central PA region. Our goals are to unite teachers in this area together, to share, collaborate, learn and grow, and to advocate for computer science education within our state.
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