Google's CS First platform rolled out a few new updates in January to help streamline the experience for educators and students. See how the updates to CS First are now speaking more smoothly with G Suite for Education accounts. 
If you're familiar with CSFirst, you know that it could be frustrating trying to utilize this platform with your G Suite for Education accounts. It could be cumbersome to manage logins, and the integration with Google Classroom was somewhat lacking. Google's CS First platform has rolled out several recent updates to help solve these issues - regardless of whether you're face-to-face, hybrid, online - or constantly shifting between the three. 
The first update is in the creation of Scratch for CS First. The special version of Scratch for CS first will allow for a single sign-in option for students with G Suite for Education accounts and it will allow for automatic project sharing between students and teachers. Discover more about the  difference between original Scratch and the new Scratch for CS First here.
Because of this, educators can now decide whether their students will sign in with their old CS First student accounts (which were randomly assigned logins that needed to be recorded somewhere for students and teachers to keep track of) OR allow students to continue with their G Suite for Education accounts. Find out more about how CS First student accounts have changed and the choices you have as an educator.
This means, you guessed it, that CS First now integrates far more smoothly with Google Classroom - both tools now speak to one another seamlessly when you use your G Suite for Education accounts. You can now use Classroom to create and grade CS First Assignments as well as collect that student work. If you're looking for more direction on how to integrate the two, look no further.