A free national program for high school students to master cybersecurity as a gateway to the industry, up their digital skills, and compete for college scholarships!
Open to students 13 years of age or older in 9th-12th grades at public, private, or homeschool equivalents in the USA, CyberStart America is a new program designed to give high school students in the US free access to cybersecurity learning resources written and developed by industry professionals, which can also be used to train and qualify for a National Cyber Scholarship.
Students have free access to the CyberStart Game until April 2021 where they progress at their own pace through puzzles and challenges while gaining skills and knowledge about cybersecurity. This platform can be played for fun or it can be used to improve problem-solving and digital skills. These games can be played independently or worked into lesson plans. As an educator, you can join their teacher and advisor community to learn more about upcoming webinars, additional resources, and other opportunities for your school. 
If your students are interested in the National Cyber Scholarship, the must complete at least 20% of the game by March 8, 2021 to qualify. The CyberStart Game closes on April 4, 2021 and the National Cyber Scholarship Competition begins April 5-6, 2021. The registration will open again next year in October. You can view the full timeline here.